Legacee Environmental

6001 Savoy Drive, Suite 204
Houston, TX 77036

Phone: (713) 218-8647

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We Provide:

  • Annual Waste Summary Reports
  • Notice of Registration Management
  • Regulatory Agency Liaison and Negotiations
  • Pre-Site Agency Inspections
  • Compliance Assessment with Corrective Action Report
  • Data Management
  • Source Reduction/Waste Minimization Plans
  • Contingency Plans
  • Regulatory Permits

Regulatory Compliance Services

The challenges associated with waste management encompass much more than just the treatment, storage and disposal of wastes. Generators must also comply with a myriad of reporting and record keeping requirements and management guidelines.

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Legacee recognizes that meeting the challenge of state and federal regulations can prove to be quite cumbersome and expensive. With this in mind, we take a very proactive and cost-effective approach when it comes to regulatory compliance management.  

We have on staff, certified specialists and former regulatory agency personnel who are experts at assisting in every phase of regulatory compliance, from annual reporting and pollution prevention plans, to preparations for upcoming agency site inspections.  

We have a proven track record as a liaison for regulatory agency negotiations. Our negotiation strategies have helped to save thousands in regulatory fines and fees for many of our clients, and in some cases even eliminated them altogether.

While maintaining regulatory compliance is not optional, it does not have to be an obstacle. It is our ambition to serve your company by completely absorbing present compliance challenges, implementing a tailor-made monitoring system and avoiding any future dilemmas.